Best dessert cities for anyone with a sweet tooth

Mimif you’re someone who holds respect for the richest of chocolates, creamiest of ice creams, and sweetest of sweets, there’s a world tour waiting for you. Instead of traveling for popular sights you could Google, you might consider visiting the dessert capitals of the world. They boast melt-in-your-mouth pastries and pillowy cakes, and would satisfy any […]

Beauty and the Beast

MimiOne day beauty and ugliness met on a seashore, and they said ‘…let’s go to the sea’ and they took off their clothes and swam in the waters. After a while the ugliness returned to the shore, dressed in beauty’s clothes, and went on its way. Beauty also came out of the sea, unable to […]


Renowned traveller Thomas Cook saw millions of screaming birds flying in circles through the air in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean during a research trip. Some of the birds, who screamed loudly enough to deafen their ears, were throwing themselves into the giant waves of the ocean as they got tired. They ended their […]

A Nice Robbery

A bank robbery in Guangzhou, China. One of the robbers shouts at the people at the bank: “Don’t move. Money is the state’s, but your life is yours.”Everyone lies quietly… It’s called the Concept of Mind-Altering.Changing the usual way of thinking… Meanwhile, one of the customers lay on a table. But the legs are in […]

I know it’s not worth it

There’s a man who’s spent some time bragging about his mind. This man always insults and breaks the hearts of those around him, but since he is a man of conscience himself, he is remorseful for his actions. One day he runs into a young man fishing by a creek. “Random boy, do you have […]


They assigned the priest to a remote village.He’s gone, he’s looking, no one’s coming to church.There’s dirt all over the place. He rolled up his sleeves, painted the church, polished the bell, hung a flag, invited people to worship, everything worked out. **There was only one problem:Crow.. A crow comes in, puts it in a […]


The man gives a stone to his son, who asks about the value of life, and tells him to take it to the market and sell it. And to those who ask for the price, he only shows two fingers of his hand and advises him not to speak in any way.The kid goes to […]

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