A Nice Robbery

A bank robbery in Guangzhou, China. One of the robbers shouts at the people at the bank: “Don’t move. Money is the state’s, but your life is yours.”Everyone lies quietly… It’s called the Concept of Mind-Altering.Changing the usual way of thinking…

Meanwhile, one of the customers lay on a table. But the legs are in the middle… The robber shouts: “Put on your manners. It’s a robbery, not a snaze!”It’s called “Professionalism.” Focus on what you’re doing!The robbers loaded up their money and threw the lid on the house. The younger one (MBA-rated) tells the older one (who left after 6 years of primary school): “Brother, let’s count these coins.” The older one says, “You’re so stupid. Does that kind of money count? We’ll find out how much money we’ve already stolen on tv news tonight.”

It’s called “experience”! Experience today is much more important than paper diplomas.After the robbers fled the bank, the Branch Manager told the Branch Chief to call the police immediately. The chief said, “Wait, Director. They got what they were going to get. Why don’t we take another 10 million and add to the $70 million we’ve had before?”

It’s called “catching the wave.” It’s turning a terrible situation in your favor!The manager says, “Oh, that would be great if there was a robbery every month. What fun we’d have!”It’s called “getting out of trouble.” Personal happiness is more important than the job.The evening TV news reported that $100 million had been stolen from the bank!

Knowing that the money they stole was much less, the robbers sat down and counted the money… They counted again and again. They looked at 20 million all the time! They’re off:”We risked our lives and stole 20 million. The Bank Manager took 80 million with a hand gesture. I guess it’s better to train properly than to be a robber!”This means “Knowledge is more valuable than gold”…The Bank Manager is very happy. Especially since he was able to undo what he lost on the stock market a while ago.It’s called “taking advantage of opportunities.” You have to take risks to win.


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