They assigned the priest to a remote village.He’s gone, he’s looking, no one’s coming to church.There’s dirt all over the place.
He rolled up his sleeves, painted the church, polished the bell, hung a flag, invited people to worship, everything worked out.
**There was only one problem:Crow..
A crow comes in, puts it in a bell, pees, puts it on the flag, pollutes it, puts it on a cross and screws it up.
The priest cleans it up for half a day, and the next day the crow appears again.He’s bored.He looked for a cure, he couldn’t find it.
He went and consulted with the mayor:”My crow saint, he comes and ruins everything… I clean it, I pick it up, it comes back just as I’m in my place…”
The mayor said, “Easy, hide a piece of salted cheese there, it’s a thief… Put raki with you without water, and when you find it for free, it won’t miss it… You’ll see he’ll come and fall right at his feet…”
**The priest did what he was told.He put the salted cheese in the nook, drained the raki without water.He put his eye to the hole and waited.
The crow appeared..He found the confident salted cheese, ate it, became thirsty when he ate it, turned to water, took two snaps until he realized the taste..He’s stoned…Rattles…And he fell at the feet of the priest…**
Pastor picks up crow and grabs it by both wings and lifts it into the air…
He said, “What are you?”
“If you say you have faith, you don’t steal…
If you say you’re a nationalist, you don’t kill the flag…
If you say you’re a Christian, you can’t on a bell…
If you say you’re a Muslim, you don’t drink raki…
Tell me, what the hell are you?…
**In some cases, you can’t directly describe the person, you can point to examples like crows.And the crow bird, just like that..

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