I know it’s not worth it

There’s a man who’s spent some time bragging about his mind. This man always insults and breaks the hearts of those around him, but since he is a man of conscience himself, he is remorseful for his actions. One day he runs into a young man fishing by a creek. “Random boy, do you have anything?” he asks the young man. “As much as we do,” the young man replies.

The man looks at the fish bucket and then the clothes on the young man. He doesn’t like his clothes and asks, “Son, there’s not enough fish here to feed a child. How long have you been here?” “About eight hours,” he replies, looking up at the sky. The guy grins, “It’s not a matter of reason, son. As a wise man, let me give you some advice.

Go do something else. You can’t even feed yourself like this.” The young man takes his fishing rod. Two big fish are hooked. The man seems surprised, but he looks towards the young man, saying, “It’s still not worth the effort.” The young man, I think, says that’s enough and pulls the fish, but instead of putting it in the bucket, he pulls out a big cage with a lot of fish in it. Then he turned to the man and said, “Let me give you some advice as a young man with no experience.

Don’t make up your mind just by looking at the bait bucket,” he smiles, handing the last two fish to the man, saying, “You’ve taught me a lot in a short time. I’ll give you these two fish as a gift. I know it’s not worth the effort, but…” and leaves the man behind with a smile before he finishes his sentence.

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