Renowned traveller Thomas Cook saw millions of screaming birds flying in circles through the air in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean during a research trip. Some of the birds, who screamed loudly enough to deafen their ears, were throwing themselves into the giant waves of the ocean as they got tired. They ended their lives with these last acts, surrendering to death out of desperation as they lay themselves in the waves of the ocean.

It’s not just Thomas Cook, it’s the fishermen in the area who have witnessed it for years. In their research, bird scientists discovered that migratory birds come from different directions and merge in the ocean at this point, but they could not figure out why they threw themselves into the lap of death after another.
The truth was understood in the middle of the last century. There was once an island where this tragic event took place. Located on the migration route of migratory birds, this island was buried in the ocean after an earthquake. The island, which people could not even tell from its destruction, was an indispensable “rest” stop for birds in the middle of the migration routes. The birds knew the location of the island with their thousands of years of hereditary habits, and in the midst of their debilitating, long journeys, they were coming to the island in the middle of the ocean with their hereditary instincts for thousands of years, in order to rest and recover a little, but… When they couldn’t find the island where it was supposed to be, they had to leave their exhausted bodies screaming into the waters of the ocean.Speaking of self-reconstacting, let’s ask. Have you ever had an island to “pull yourself together”? Have you ever had an island in the long “migration routes” of life where you can breathe a sip and keep you fresh for the rest of your way? And when you did not find it in place one day, did you ever create an island in your life where you struggled and flapped your wings, as if you were dizzy, destabilizing, to reach it and seek refuge?

Have you ever had a friend with whom you can share everything unlimitedly, a friend you have such confidence to go on the road together, a wife who will always give you peace, a goal that you have worked so hard to achieve for many years? Who came to you, who sought refuge with you… Where you go, where you seek refuge… Think of the friends you found. Then see with your own eyes the truth:How many people do you have around you where you can stop, breathe and recover and… You’re an island for a few friends who need to stop, take shelter and recover?


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