The man gives a stone to his son, who asks about the value of life, and tells him to take it to the market and sell it. And to those who ask for the price, he only shows two fingers of his hand and advises him not to speak in any way.The kid goes to the store. Soon a woman approaches him and takes care of the stone:How much is this stone? I’d like to put it somewhere in my garden.The boy raises two fingers.Two dollars? All right, I’d like to buy it.The boy runs to his father and tells him what happened. His father won’t comment, but this time he’ll send him to a museum.The attendant examines and asks for the price of the stone. The boy raises two fingers again and says nothing else. incumbent:$200? It’s a good piece for our museum, we’d like to buy it.The kid’s confused again. He runs to his father. His father’s quiet again. Finally, he directs his son to a store where gemstones are sold. The jeweler looks at the stone he picks up in amazement and asks:Where did you get this? It is one of the most valuable and rarest stones in the world. How much are you paying?The child raises 2 fingers and waits, as always.Man: $200,000? maybe. He says he can.The boy is confused, runs straight to his father and relays the conversations.His father turned to his son and said:”Dear son. Now do you understand the value of life?It doesn’t matter where you come from, where you were born, the color of your skin, what kind of wealth you live in. What matters is where you position yourself, what people you surround yourself with. It’s how you carry yourself.By making your life feel like a $2 stone and again; You can live your whole life with people who think you’re a $2 rock. But there’s a diamond mine in everyone. As you discovered the diamond inside, you can make other people you gather around you realize their own values. You can surround yourself with people who appreciate you.We could put ourselves in a grocery store or a storefront in a jewelry store. That’s our choice.It’s about choosing the people around us smart…That’s what makes a difference. ‘

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